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If the photo you would like to purchase is not a standard aspect ratio (4x6, 5x7, 16x24, etc) and you have difficulty ordering through MPix because it wants you to crop it oddly, just email me and I will contact you and frame it myself just the way you would like to see it. I do custom mattes and frames if you ever need anything else framed as well. Please uncheck color correction as all of these photos have been color corrected using MPix printer color files and are ready to print. If you have questions please just message me.

This page is just the Artistic Gallery. If you click on the top on Shop Home Decor Prints, you will find the other galleries such as Still Life, Architecture, etc. Check those out.

I also do portrait photography on request. I photograph individuals, families, events, business and personal head shots and senior portraits. I don’t have any of my portrait photography on this site because I stopped doing portrait photography during COVID. If you need portraiture work, just drop me a message and I will work with you to get a photo shoot set up. Enjoy the photos & thanks for visiting.
Waterfall on Emmaline Lake Trail, ColoradoDay LilliesColorful LeavesCemetery Leaves with Head StonesMaple LeavesColorfulLeavesVersion2Painted FlowersWater Drops on Leaves