Steve James(non-registered)
The river valley photo is just awesome and I wish to make it as my desktop wallpaper. There is something specialty in your photograph. The frame that you chose is excellent and I am searching for your recent works. Please keep updating.
You're work is so amazing. The photographs you take really speak to me, thank you for sharing!
Andy Rayan(non-registered)
I appreciate your hard work in bringing some of the great photographs to public view. My self also a professional photographer and Marine Biologist and helped me to improve my photography skills. I viewed your photographs and I think they are really amazing particularly sand dune photograph. If you are interested we both can work together to create miracles.
correy anderson(non-registered)
Oh wow! What can I say! Great photos Scott! You have done a wonderful job. You have always amazed me with your beautiful photos. I’m interested to learn more from you. The sand dune photos were amazing by the way.
Wow Scott, you do FABULOUS work. What a pallet you have made for Julie to play with. Great team!
Scott! Love your work. We should chat! Maybe go play with cameras some day!
Amy Feist(non-registered)
Very impressive! You're going to do well in this business!
Ian Connin
Hi Scott,
This is a great website.
I love both your Sand Dune pictures and paintings especially. The depth and detail is pretty incredible.
The link to my deviant art account is below. Once again it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you enjoy some of these pictures as well.
Norm Lesher(non-registered)
Great Scott!! :)
Truly beautiful work! Enjoyed every single photo very much!!
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